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About MetaBugg.com

My name is Matt (aka SparkBugg), and I have recently started two blogs.  Sparkbugg.com is my primary blog, mostly about Sharing Bright Ideas.

MetaBugg.com is a metablog that generally deals with the process of me writing both blogs. This blog is for posterity, for anyone that may be interested in what is behind the birthing and maintaining of a blog, and for anyone relatively curious about this particular fellow human being (me).  So, MetaBugg is also about me, as a person with ideas, a person who wants to be more creative, a dreamer, an inventor, a blogger.

MetaBugg may seem random, because it will be organic and evolving.  It is, unlike SparkBugg.com, a chronological blog (so it makes most sense reading it in chronological order).  And like with most blogging software, to read the blog chronologically, you have to read the posts from bottom to top (which is annoying to me, and not intuitive, and I am surprised that it seems that no-one has done anything about this.  Maybe one day I will, or you will.).

Welcome.  And I hope that you are, at least mildly, entertained and intrigued by my postings.

You can start at the beggining (with post #1 HERE). And/or check out SparkBugg.com




1. Mike Elliott - February 4, 2007

will be following. Like the header graphic…is the photo one of your own

2. SparkBugg - February 13, 2007

Hi, Mike,

Glad to have you. The header and template is all from WordPress. Notice the similar template, but different header, at Sparkbugg.com. You are able to tweak the various templates, or skins, at WordPress (where you can start a blog for free).

They person responsible for this particular template (called Regulus) is Binary Moon (http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/). I love it.

Best, SparkBugg

3. Ahab - March 4, 2007


I’ve been enjoying your blogs for about a month now, and it’s already become one of my top two reads. Great ideas and good writing! I like how you manage to keep things fresh.

4. SparkBugg - March 5, 2007

Ahab, thanks for your support, reading, and commenting. Really great to have you here! -SparkBugg

5. Zack Wiseman - August 4, 2007

Hey Matt –

This is Zack Wiseman writing to you:) I picked up your Blog when a friend sent me your blog reference about the Williams Alumni Review. I hope the EE competition turned out well for you!

Let’s keep in touch. By the way – what year were you at Williams?
If you like, send me a pic to jog my memory to the e-mail I’ve used in your e-mail field.


6. Lora - December 17, 2007


More Williams peeps crawling out of the web, eh? We lived in an entry together. I’m a business journalist now in NYC. Worked at Inc. and covered the INNOVATION beat for a while. HAHAHA. Great minds thinking alike, I hope. Though that’s not too humble of me. Get in touch! Would love to catch up. Hope you are really enjoying the holiday season.


Lora K.

p.s. added you to my stumble upon pages after reading about your blog in the alumni class notes just now:

7. Lora - December 17, 2007

that link would be:
i always forget to drop the “tri-dub” as i’ll call it.

8. L. Buggs - December 11, 2008

Hello SparkBug !

I see you have no current entries ?
Is this blog still active ?

let me know because I am interested in startinga dialogue with you !


Leona Buggs

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