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67. Massive Spike, thanks to B2.is (Iceland) April 16, 2007

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Right when I was getting back into the swing of things, look what good fortune brought me:


Over 2,176 hits on April 14th! How frackin’ great! It was a link to my Lamplamp posting, via B2.is. I wondered if IS was for Israel, but the comments (over a dozen of them) didn’t seem like they were in Hebrew.

Then, Clustr map showed an overnight bubble growth on Iceland, so it confirmed to me that IS is for Iceland.


Wild. Once again, I love how the web makes this world a cozier place.



66. Everyday Edisons Update April 7, 2007

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Yesterday, I got a call from Louis Foreman, the head of Enventys and one of the judges for Everyday Edisons (the PBS invention show). He informed me that I am one of the remaining 25 auditioners vying for 12-14 spots for season 2 of EE. I was honored, excited, and in shock. I was also a little discombobulated since the call came during the unpacking chaos of the first day in our new home. So that evening, surrounded by boxes and newspaper, my wife and I drank champagne in front of our first fire and had two great things to celebrate.

EE will be in DC on May 6th, and it will be then and there that they announce those selected for the show. It has been an amazing journey and I anxiously await the final word. No matter what the outcome, I am even more determined than ever to fully pursue my dream of being an inventor.


For the announcement and outcome, click HERE.