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29. Everyday Edisons, Part 1 January 20, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Everyday Edisons.

I spontaneously decided to go to Everyday Edision auditions tomorrow, thanks in part to the encouragement of a friend who let me know that certain stars were lining up. So, I don’t have much time to post now, as I am taking care of the finishing touches of my prototype for the audition.

I also am excited to go be around my fellow sparkbuggs, meet a few ideators, share ideas, etc. I am taking the risk of not hiding my idea when I get there. I am actually hoping that the other ideators can help me help the project evolve.

I am ambitiously hoping to hit Home Depot, Micheal’s, Target, Toy-R-Us, and the Sport’s Authority before I even get to the auditions. Then I will build more prototypes there, and if I am able, I hope to catch this on film for posterity.

For Part 2, click HERE.




1. Lisa - April 17, 2007


We were in D.C. as well on the 20th. Congradulations! I have not heard a thing, I guess I am to assume we did not make it. Good Luck to all that did.

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