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28. Idea-a-day December 30, 2006

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I got another IdeaSpark* posted on Idea-A-Day.com. It may explain my recent spike in traffic (from a recent average of 20 visits/day to 63 yesterday).  Thanks, Idea-a-day!



27. Holiday Update December 29, 2006

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Happy Holidays, everyone! I have come to expect a dip in visitors during the holidays. It happened during Thanksgiving Break (definition here, for my international visitors), so I am prepared. Notice the recent decrease in the graph above.

Well, due to the reduced readership (hopefully temporary), my own vacation, and my bitch of a cold, I have posted less frequently this past week. But tonight I thought that despite the fact that I am getting less than half my usual visitors, the visitors I am getting must be my more dedicated readers. So, I decided to post again, tonight. For them/you. Thanks for reading. I hope you are having a great year, and I hope the next one is even better.

Updated Global Shout out: Welcome to Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Carribean, Caracas (Venzuela), Barcelona (Spain), France (Some Western coastal area), Venice (Italy), Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Ankara (Turkey), Bhopal (India), Seoul (Korea), Wellington (New Zealand), Dublin (Ireland), Monterrey and Leon (Mexico), and the additional Canadians, British, Australians, and USAmericans.

(This update is an exercise in appreciation and geography. Cities are approximate, based of the latest clustrmap)

26. Encouraging email December 16, 2006

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 This email I got today was pretty encouraging:


I love your ideas on your blog.

I would like to invite you to visit http:///www.InventorSpot.com and http://www.AmericanInventorSpot.com when you get a chance.

We are now the most popular invention related website in the world. We have about 250,000 visitors a month to our site. We are also ranked in the top 4000 blogs in the world based on Technorati.com our of 55 million blogs.

We are actively trying to build a community of inventors and innovators. We’d be honored if you would join us.

I hope you will come and visit InventorSpot.com and AmericanInventorSpot.com when you get a chance and participate in the forums if you are interested http://www.americaninventorspot.com/forum/index.php.
We just started the fourms so it does not have a ton of traffic yet, but it could be helpful in building traffic to your site over the long term.

Also, if you are interested, we are always looking for guest and featured bloggers for our site. As a guest blogger, you can use it a a vehicle to let people know about your site. Or as a Featured Blogger, you could share your ideas without the difficult and time consuming task of trying to build traffic to your site. I think your content fits perfectly with our site so let us know if you would like to work together somehow.

Finally, we’d appreciate a link for our site in your blogroll if you deem us worthy.



25. Press release December 14, 2006

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I was pleasantly surprized to find that SparkBugg.com was featured on Evolving Vox’s Press page. Check it out HERE. I am flattered that my blog was considered press.

Confession: partially related to this, I removed the Page Visits/Hits counter on SparkBugg because I was a little ashamed at how low the number is. I guess that once I was considered as part of the “Press,” I wanted to allow the illusion that lots of folks are actually reading my blog.

I recently spent some time reading Mashable (a social networking blog), who considers itself a medium-sized blog, since it has half a million unique visitors a month. If that is medium-sized, then I can’t imagine what SparkBugg is (ultra-miniscule?).

Oh well, at least someone in Mexico, Spain, Norway, and Singapore joined us yesterday. I am grateful for that.

24. Top 5 Posts December 10, 2006

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The number following each post number and title is the number of visits this past month:

  1. 3. Mashup of the week: Sweet Home Alabama 97
  2. 57. IdeaSpark*: GadgetBox (Holder) 64
  3. 25. Bright Idea: Line Rider 50
  4. 59. Bright Idea: Military use of Silly Sting 49
  5. 44. IdeaSpark*: PasswordSharer.com 31

Maybe ironic is a good word here (since this is primarily an idea site), but I can’t believe that my biggest posting is a Mashup of the Week.

Just as I was shocked that people searching for “military use of silly string” were directed to my little ol’ blog, I am even more shocked that folks looking for the Nelly/Lynyrd Mashup are continuing to arrive at my post on it. I figured they would find it on so many more other sites that would appear before SparkBugg in the search result listings. Oh well, I continue to be fortunate.

23. Silly String December 8, 2006

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I have an Excite.com homepage. Yes, Excite still exists, and I have never bothered changing it. I got an @excite.com email address about a decade ago because, compared to Yahoo, their homepage had a more personalizable tv schedule.

So yesterday, on my Excite hompage’s news reader, the story about military using silly string was posted. I remember reading about this in Newsweek while at my in-laws, in Louisville, KY, over Thanksgiving break (i.e. some time ago). So, naturally, you must be asking right now, why is this story coming up again? Who knows. All I knows is that I got multiple hits to Sparkbugg.com as people were searching for “military use of silly string.” I am talking like over a dozen (which is a lot for my blog).

I checked Google, and the SparkBugg post comes up 3rd when using those search terms (the Digg reference comes up 4th). How did that happen? I was surprised to be on the first page, let alone be item number 3.  I guess I will never know how the search engines work.


22. The Clustrmap December 5, 2006

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I like this little tool.  Above is the first day the map registered Sparkbugg.com’s visitors.  Exciting!  Hm…is that Belgium?  The midwest seems to be a hot spot (close to my in-laws in KY).  And there is my brother, checking the site from LA.

It puts more of a face to my visitors.  This makes me smile.

21. the Hit Coaster December 1, 2006

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See how the holidays did have an affect. 11/29 (yesterday, and the day before the recent spike) was my lowest (emotionally) blogging day thus far. Losing readership and not getting them back after the break was pretty deflating.

Resigned and weary, I decided to not force myself to post everyday anymore. It’s lots of work, and I figured I needed to post more at my own pace, and not due primarily to some numbing fear that I will lose readership if I skip a day. So I skipped last night, so there were no new posts for today.

But today, there was a spike, back to 88 hits.

Reinvigorating. I am moved to press on. Funny how these things can work out.

20. Neglect December 1, 2006

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Oops. I shouldn’t neglect SparkBugg’s little brother, MetaBugg. I will try to keep up here as well.

Despite having another post from a stranger, on MetaBugg, no less, (thanks, Darthzilla!), the holidays have been tough. Averaging about 25 hits a day (down from about 50) for Sparkbugg. I wish I knew how I had that spike at 146 on that one day (I think it was from Digg after some friends helped digg a post).

Anyway, I am being tested, and will keep going because I enjoy it. We will see what post Thanksgiving brings.