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19. Discouraging November 14, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Uncategorized.

After peaking with 144 on one day, the average visits for the last few days is down, to 50 visitors. Pretty discouraging. I guess my hope is that it would slowly grow as people referred others to the site. Then I also get hit envy when I check out other blogs and see that they get about 20,000 visitors a day, and have been around less than a year. I wonder if I am too sensitive for this blogging stuff. Look at me! Please!

I wonder if I am missing easy secrets to making your blog grow. I will search for them over Thanksgiving Break.



18. Stats data November 12, 2006

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I just figured out how to see a more detailed analysis of the number of blog hits to Sparkbugg.com. I am not completely sure why there was a spike at 11-09, but it may be due to posting on Digg. Then there was a sharp decline. Somewhat discouraging, but I need to digg deep and keep on posting.

I attempted to register with reviewme.com, but SparkBugg.com is too little for now.  Maybe I will try again later.

I registered with pingomatic.com today. I also registered with frappr.com, with the idea of starting a degrees of separation map (to be discussed later). Still posting to productdose and swissmiss.


17. Hit check November 10, 2006

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It is midnight on Thursday, Nov 9, and the hit count for SparkBugg.com is 552.  That makes me happy, for whatever reason. Thanks to everyone passing along the link.

16. How to get traffic? November 7, 2006

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In college, I used to radio DJ the late shift, starting at 1 am on a Thursday. I would play until 3 pm, when my scheduled shift was supposed to end. But then I usually asked, on air, for anyone listening to give me a call. I told them we didn’t have to talk, that I wouldn’t even pick up the phone. But if I saw it ringing (a red light was the visual, and not auditory, cue), I would keep going for another hour. And everytime, it rang. So I kept playing music and talking out into the night.

Knowing that people are reading helps me keep up SparkBugg.com. But I have to let people know that I am out there.

Some of what I have done so far:

  • commented on Swissmiss, Productdose, IdeaBarista, NickBaum, and anywhere I have something to add.
  • Registered with Technorati.
  • Put something on Digg.

You can help, too, if you like. Please pass on the link to the site to your friends.

It is about midnight on Wed, Nov 8. So far, there have been 425 hits.

15. Traffic update November 2, 2006

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I am going to pay a little attention to the Blog Stats because it is reinforcing (it is hard to spend time writing a blog if no one is reading) and to see if begins to slow down (in which case i need to do something different).

So, a quick update:  as of 6 pm Nov 2nd, the hit counter reached 233, meaning about 33 new visits in the last 24 hours.  I don’t think it means unique visitors.  This makes me happy.  Thanks for reading!

14. Actually liking traffic November 1, 2006

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Traffic is usually something I hate, unless I am on my way to meet someone I would rather not see. But several times a day, I check the Blog Stats to see how many people are checking out my site. The trickle is actually exciting, but I am hoping for more traffic. In regards to generating traffic:

1. The Google spiders finally found SparkBugg.com, so I can Google it now.

2. I have slowly been posting on other relevant sites, so this may draw some traffic from like-minded individuals.

3. I haven’t figured out how to get keywords up. But I hope, that one day, if people google “idea blog,” SparkBugg.com will be somewhere in the first 20 pages.

4. I finally emailed my close friends, so that is some traffic. It is difficult and exciting to expose myself like this.

5. I plan to register with blog places, technorati, join idea groups, come up with some viral marketing campaign, and write a diggable article (I have one in mind, on Web 2.5) . Maybe that will help. If you are reading this, please pass a link onto your friends who may be interested in SparkBugg.com.

6. Increased traffic -> more readers -> more commenters -> more interaction -> more community -> more ideas.

7. As of 6 pm on Nov 1st, the Blog Stats hit 200. Woohoo! I will keep a record and track for the time being (since I don’t own any stocks, this will be interesting to me for a while).